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Stop Press: Bendigo Art Gallery Exhibitions: Myuran Sukumaran

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Author & journalist CINDY WOCKNER

In conversation with


the minister who attended to Myuran Sukumaran up until his execution


In the lead up to ‘World Day Against the Death Penalty


When:     Tues 9th October 2018, 7.30pm
                (Doors will not open before 7.00pm)
Where:    GINGER FOX

                  23-25 South Concourse, Beaumaris

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THE PASTOR AND THE PAINTER  A very personal look at Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran.

Cindy Wockner was a journalist reporting the story of two surly drug smugglers. She was there from the beginning and would become a good friend of the two changed men.

At 12.35 a.m. on 29 April 2015, Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran were led out in front of a firing squad. Strapped to wooden crosses, they looked straight down the barrels of their killers' rifles. On that day, the Indonesian government did not execute two drug smugglers, they executed a pastor and a painter.But who were Andrew and Myuran?

In 2005, the lure of drugs, money, fast cars and a better life led them and seven other Australians into a smuggling plot to import heroin from Indonesia to Australia. Unbeknownst to them all, the Australian Federal Police knew of their plan and tipped off the Indonesian authorities. Charged with drug trafficking, Myuran and Andrew were found guilty and sentenced to death. Andrew was 21 years old. Myuran was 24.At the time, Cindy Wockner was the Indonesia correspondent for News Limited: for a decade she covered their story and she got to know Myuran, Andrew and their families. They let her into their lives and she watched them transform from angry, defiant young inmates into fully rehabilitated, good men.

This is the intimate, and untold, story of Andrew and Myuran. It details their redemption inside Kerobokan prison and their passion for helping others - through Andrew's growing commitment to his faith and Myu's burgeoning artistic talent. It reveals the boys they were and the men they became, in a potent cautionary tale and a poignant reminder of what we all lose when we ignore the power of mercy.

Cindy Wockner is National Investigations Editor at News Corporation Newspapers, Australia. Her articles appear in News Corp papers across Australia, including the COURIER-MAIL, the DAILY TELEGRAPH, HERALD-SUN, ADELAIDE ADVERTISER and NT NEWS. Cindy has co-authored two books, BALI 9 and EVIL IN THE SUBURBS.

Christie Buckingham is a woman who does not do things by halves. Since 1994, Christie and her husband Rob have been  ministering as Senior Ministers of Bayside Church in Melbourne, with campuses in Cheltenham and Frankston. Christie has a passion for social justice and seeing people set free and reach their full potential.  She is a gifted leader who has worked tirelessly in mobilising groups of young adults and adults to act and relieve injustice.  She has helped establish the Bayside Forever Home in South Africa, a home that cares for children that have been abandoned; she has helped prisoners in Kerobokan to have purpose through developing computer and craft programs and recently has been  campaigning for prisoners on death row.

Christie came to Australia from Ireland in 1986 and worked at Youth Alive Australia. During that time she witnessed their youth conferences grow from a few hundred to well over 10,000. She is also a sought after speaker and travels around Australia and internationally.

Written by Andrew Martin — July 17, 2018