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When:     Tuesday 9th December, 7.30pm

Where:    MALT CAFÉ, 23-25 South Concourse,

Cost:       $55 includes admission, finger food.
               AND a copy of ‘The President’s Desk
               Beverages at bar prices.

**Phone credit card bookings accepted**

Phone:   9589 4638


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The President’s Desk
Shaun Micallef is one of Australia’s funniest men, and now, for the benefit of the masses, Micallef has penned
an entirely hilarious, almost‐entirely‐true history of one of the world’s most important pieces of furniture;
the Resolute Desk. Taking pride of place in the Oval Office since 1880, the desk has been present for almost
all historic, world‐changing moments in American history – and in The President’s Desk Shaun Micallef
introduces us to the men who have taken its hallowed seat.

Exploring the widely varying personalities and idiosyncrasies of some the leaders of the free world, Micallef
paints a wonderfully alternative history of the US. This outrageous, absurdist and partly‐factual reimagining of
the lives of twenty‐three American presidents shines with Micallef’s unique, sophisticated and farcical
storytelling, and is this comedic genius at his best.

Shaun Micallef is an Australian comedian, writer, actor, producer, author and bon vivant.
After several years of practising law, Micallef threw it all away for a life in comedy and television. Since ’94
he has graced Aussie TV screens in shows such as Full Frontal to Sea Change, to his own gig on Micallef
Tonight, Thank God You’re Here and Talkin’ Bout Your Generation – to name but a few.
He has authored two books: Smithereens and Preincarnate, and received several awards including
two Logies, an Aria for Best Comedy Release and an AFI for Screen Craft. He is married with three

Written by Andrew Martin — September 29, 2014