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When:         Tuesday 7th October, 7.30pm

Where:       MALT CAFÉ, 23-25 South Concourse,


Cost:           Buy the book  & ticket together for just $50    

                     Also  includes admission & finger food.
                     Beverages at bar prices.
                    *Only at time of ticket purchase
                    *Only one specially priced book per ticket
                    **Phone credit card bookings accepted**
                    Ticket Only $35   

Phone:        9589 4638

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Hello from the Gillespies:

International number one bestseller Monica McInerney brings us a sparkling and hilarious new novel about the ups and downs of family life.

Angela finally started the letter, summoning her usual cheery tone. Then she stopped.

Her friend Joan's voice suddenly came to her mind, as if she was standing there beside her.

'Go for it, love! Let it rip! Tell the truth! It's good for you.'

She actually laughed out loud. Tell the truth? How could she?

Angela stared at the screen for a long moment. Then she started a new letter, typing faster than she'd ever typed before...


Angela Gillespie has been pretending that her family is perfect for the last 30 years. And she is tired of it. This year she needs to tell it how it is. Angela's husband is in the throes of a mid-life crisis. Her grown-up daughters are more out of control than ever. And her youngest child spends all of his time talking to an imaginary friend. With fantasy thoughts of a life before marriage and motherhood becoming more than just an innocent daydream, Angela's real life is slowly slipping out of focus. But, as the repercussions of her too truthful Christmas letter keep coming, perhaps she should have been careful what she wished for. . .


Monica McInerney
Australian-born Dublin-based Monica McInerney is the author of the best-selling novels The House of Memories, Lola's Secret, At Home with the Templetons, Those Faraday Girls, Family Baggage, The Alphabet Sisters, Spin the Bottle, Upside Down Inside Out, A Taste for It and a short story collection, All Together Now, which are published internationally and in translation.


Written by Andrew Martin — August 26, 2014