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Ten conversations you must have with your son:

Making time to talk with your son is one thing; knowing what to talk about is another.

Every parent of a teenage boy knows there are certain conversations they must have with their son but often they put them off – or worse, don’t have them at all - because they simply don’t know where to start.

Written by Dr Tim Hawkes, one of Australia’s top educators, TEN CONVERSATIONS YOU MUST HAVE WITH YOUR SON offers a practical, accessible and invaluable way to get these discussions started.

Dr Hawkes provides parents with the essential information they need to negotiate their way through what can often be very difficult territory about the why, what and how often key topics: love, identity, values, leadership, achievement, sex, money, health, co-habiting and resilience.

Each topic has its own chapter and offers ideas about different ways for parents to share their own experiences and knowledge with their boys. Having been a headmaster for twenty-five years and an internationally recognised  expert in the field of raising and educating boys, Dr Hawkes is in a unique position to know what goes on inside the minds of teenage boys. He understands what they need to know to best prepare them for the opportunities, responsibilities,challenges and demands that life will make on them.


Dr Tim Hawkes is the author of several books including BOY OH BOY: HOW TO RAISE AND EDUCATE A SON and the LEARNING LEADERSHIP series. He has taught in England and Australia for over 35 years and been a headmaster for much of that time. A highly regarded educational resource, author and social commentator, Tim Hawkes is in demand as a conference speaker around the world. He is married and has three adult children, including a son, and lives in Sydney.

Written by Andrew Martin — August 26, 2014