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Proudly presents an evening with

Bronté Dee Jackson

Speaking about her fabulous memoir of Rome


When:   Wednesday 20th August, 7.30pm

Where:  MALT CAFÉ, 23-25 South Concourse, Beaumaris

Tickets: Buy the book & ticket together for just $45

This means you get Roman Daze (RRP $29.95) for just $10….less than half price!

Also includes admission & finger food. Beverages at bar prices.

*Only at time of ticket purchase

*Only one specially priced book per ticket

**Phone credit card bookings accepted** Ticket Only $35

Phone: 9589 4638 E-mail: read@beaumarisbooks.


Bronté Dee Jackson

Twenty years ago Bronte won an airline ticket to Europe in a raffle. Seventeen years after arriving in Rome, she was still there. With a Masters degree in Business she obtained work at the United Nations humanitarian Organisations in Rome to support her addiction to all things Italian, and in particular Roman. Bronte's training in Social Anthropology (the study of culture), her ability to speak Italian, and her close relationships with her Italian neighbours and friends enabled her to understand and explain many facets of the Italian culture. Bronte spent 17 years in a unique and very traditional suburb of Rome, married into a family from the deep south of Italy, has never given up her quest to find the perfect Amatriciana, and once drove a hydrofoil from Sorrento to Ischia while the captain went for a coffee. She has written a blog since 2008 which won the 'Top ten blogs' for Rome, 2011, her unpublished manuscript won a 'First commendation' in a national writing competition and she finally published her memoir 'Roman Daze - La Dolce Vita' in December 2012.
Roman Daze is a collection of past and present stories, insights, and eating experiences from her time of living in Rome.


La Dolce Vita for All Seasons Bronté Jackson describes how the seasons, food, family, landscape, rituals and history combine to create and explain the Italian lifestyle and why, from the outside, it looks like La Dolce Vita.

Written by Andrew Martin — June 14, 2014